A Tycoon to Be Reckoned with - Julia James
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A Tycoon to Be Reckoned with

By Julia James

  • Release Date: 2016-05-01
  • Genre: Contemporary


A remorseless seduction… 

Bastiaan Karavalas loves the thrill of the hunt. His prey this time is tantalizing Sarah Fareham. Pity this seduction won't be purely for pleasure—she's a threat to his family that needs to be removed! 

Sarah dreams of becoming an opera singer, but must scrape out a living as a nightclub performer, overcoming her inhibitions by hiding behind her vivacious stage persona, Sabine. It also becomes her only defense against Bastiaan's sensual onslaught. 

But Bastiaan is a tycoon to be reckoned with, and once his true intentions are revealed, will Sarah's facade be enough to safeguard her fragile heart?