You Promised Me Forever - Monica Murphy

You Promised Me Forever

By Monica Murphy

  • Release Date: 2018-08-29
  • Genre: New Adult
Score: 4.5
From 293 Ratings


I’ve got it all, they say. I’m the starting quarterback for the best NFL team in the league. I’m rich. I’m famous. I can have any woman I want, any time I want.
Yeah, I’ve got everything—except for the one who got away. How do you move on from loving the same girl since you were in the seventh grade? She promised me forever until forever got too hard and at nineteen, she dumped me.
By text message.
Now she’s walked back into my life. Just as beautiful. Just as sweet. Just as smart. More grown up and incredibly sexy…
We’re older now. Supposedly wiser. This time, I’m going to fight for what I want, no matter how hard it gets.
This time, I’m going to make her mine.


  • You promised me forever

    By sasa5050
    Great read.
  • Amazing book

    By daniiiiperez__
    Love, love loved it !!!!
  • Fabulous second chance romance

    By mj_toth
    Well this was unexpected. I thought Amanda and Jordan had found their happily ever after but alas, growing up and being separated got in the way and Amanda broke up with Jordan. When Jordan does a more personal interview on TV, Amanda gets brave and reaches out via social media. She is shocked when Jordan responds. Is there a chance for these two to find or realize that they never lost the love they had as teenagers? Amanda still carries her insecurities of not being good enough for Jordan and well, Jordan is afraid Amanda is going to crush his heart again. Watching these two reconnect is a wonderful. They have a deep love so I was excited to see them embrace this again and give it another try. Their chemistry is off the charts and well, their bedroom skills have definitely expanded delivering very sexy moments. Truly a wonderful couple that deserves a happily ever after.
  • You promised me forever

    By Nealy07
    I really loved this book!!! Wish there was an extra chapter to see if they had the four kids...
  • Sweet and hot

    By Jasminepzk21
    I loved the book , the writing, the chemistry, and everything. It was a sweet yet hot book !
  • You Promised Me Forever

    By Duck Mistress
    Would have been a lot better without the teen-like angst of the heroine. It is hard to like a character who has so little self esteem and is constantly sabotaging herself.
  • Sweet second chances

    By Invisible girl246400
    I'm relatively new to Monica Murphy. I've read only a few of her books but this one has been my favorite one so far. This story is about second chances. Amanda and Jordan had it all figured out. He was going to go away for college and eventually be in the NFL and she'd be by his side. They would be a forever kind of love. Unfortunately, the distance proved to be too much and decided to break both of their hearts. Fast forward six years later and she can't escape him. She's a glutton for punishment and many would think. She watches all of his games even though she knows it hurts her. While at a bar one night, she decided to watch a show about his life. In this episode, he talked about the one who got away and she instantly knew it was her. It sort of helped that he had photos of her in the background. One thing led to another and she was sliding into his DMs messaging him about a comment that offended her. As time went on, the started messaging each other back and forth. Jordan hadn't heard nor seen Amanda in years and he decides to facetime her. Old habits die hard as well as resentment and she hangs up on him. The next day Jordan is inviting her to see his game, and Amanda simply can't refuse. I mean, who would want to see refuse going to a live game while seeing their gorgeous ex. Amanda brought along a date which changed the entire environment between them. Seeing Jordan for the first time in six years wasn't what she expected. She didn't think she'd still have this pull towards him. Amanda ends up ending things (even though there was really nothing to end) with her coworker Cade. The chemistry between Jordan and Amanda is stronger than before. Unfortunately, these two have hurt each other a lot and insecurities keep coming back. The two of them need to let go of the past if they have any chance of moving forward. Although Amanda obliterated his heart, Jordan can't seem to help himself. He needs Amanda back in his life even if that means she'll crush him again. She was his entire universe, his constant person. Now she's a stranger and he wants her back. He's willing to put everything on the line again even if there's a chance she'd hurt him. Love is all about forgiveness and moving forward. One of my favorite things about this book was how Jordan never gave up on them. He was constantly willing to fight for her and prove to her every step of the way how much he loved her. I thought it was just adorable how he's been love with her since the seventh grade. He waited for his opportunity to get the girl and he did. These two are the definition of second chances and a wholesome sort of love. The book ends in the BEST HEA possible. It's a must read if you love second chances and sweet romances!
  • 4stars

    By Evieo17
    When I read that Amanda and Tuttle broke up, I was heartbroken. Completely gutted. These two were perfect for each other and I really thought that they would still be together but that wasn’t the case. I was angry at Amanda for breaking Tuttle’s heart but I was more disappointed in Tuttle for not fighting harder for her. Amanda’s insecurities I can understand because it’s Tuttle: handsome, rich, charismatic and he’s away and not taking any time out for her so I get it but for him to just let her go without a fight was mind boggling. I was crushed but when they reconnected, it was a thing of beauty. I loved how they fell in love with each other again. Maybe they did need time apart to go and see what was important, I just wished they didn’t have to go through it.

    By AmyVoxLibris
    JORDAN TUTTLE. Let me repeat that: JORDAN TUTTLE. Have you missed Tuttle since we last saw him in Forever? Monica Murphy is here with a cure. Even better, she has aged Jordan, making him 25 so that you feel less pervy as you swoon over him. Monica Murphy establishes the conflict between Jordan and Amanda straight away: she broke up with him six years ago, but neither has forgotten about the other. At all. So they're apart and we need them together, and the way Monica Murphy does that is perfection. They want to protect themselves from what tore them apart, yet they have missed each other. Can they forgive and, perhaps more importantly, forget? Since Jordan and Amanda are in their twenties, this book is more of a New Adult than a Young Adult. So you know what that means, right? SEXY TIMES. Oh, Tuttle. As much as I have loved to #CuddleWithTuttle, the 25-year-old you is fan-freaking-tastic. The ending is perfection, by the way. But it doe nothing to help minimize my Jordan Tuttle obsession. Which, I suppose, is a good thing.
  • Perfect ending

    By jenniebeelee
    This book was the perfect ending to their love story. It made me so happy how much they’ve both grown and honestly wish it wasn’t ending it’s such a bitter sweet ending they have been one of my favorite book couples I’ve ever read !